a little about me

hello. ashley rhea is the name, a pittsburgh original, a current north carolinian, and bama bound.
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pleasures : harry potter; starbucks; autumn; my ford escape; glamour; hoodies; friends; bonfires; music; reading; kisses; text messages; heels; pea-coats; gettin dolled up; my teddy bear; blankets; halloween; writing; poetry; partying; bumpin; sweets; horses; swimming; acting; jack's mannequin; little things; boots; dresses with tights; life;
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I'm 99 for a moment Dying for just another moment And I'm just dreaming Counting the ways to where you are 15 there's still time for you 22 I feel her too 33 you’re on your way Every day's a new day... 15 there's still time for you Time to buy and time to choose Hey 15, there's never a wish better than this When you only got 100 years to live

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